eMagicOne is announcing the release of free sunset version of Store Manager for CubeCart and the end of production of new software versions. The decision to stop active development of the project has been made on the basis of critical analysis carried out by the company from the viewpoint of global and dynamic ecommerce development, shopping carts popularity and their dominance at the market.


The users who currently have the commercial version of the software can continue using it. For those clients who have active updates, we will continue providing support till the time when update period expires. Besides, all the releases of Store Manager for CubeCart made by eMagicOne will be available for download, however, no future updates to the software will be available.

New users who would like to exploit the functionality of the software can download it free, use it unlimited period of time and be guided by documentation, though no support will be offered.

eMagicOne will further focus on the development of an array of new products to seize growth opportunities of leading e-commerce trends.

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